Involved in a Car Crash?
Here’s what to do.

Follow these steps to safely manage the situation.
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Car Crash

Our roads are more dangerous than ever. A crash occurs every 60 seconds. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration 80% of Americans will experience a car crash in their lifetime from fender benders to serious crashes resulting in fatalities. As frequent as they are, it is important to be prepared.

If You’re Involved in a Car Crash

  • Stop Your Vehicle Where it is Clear and Safe to do so
    Avoid blocking traffic by moving the vehicle out of the traveled roadway, if possible and legal to do so. In some States it is against the law to move the vehicle from the place where the crash occurred. Know the ordinance in your area.
  • Secure your Car
    Turn off your car ignition and activate your hazard lights. Mark the scene of the crash with reflective triangles if available.
  • Stay Alert
    When outside your vehicle be aware of your surroundings. Avoid walking in the road and stay out of traffic.
  • Be Aware of Potential Criminal Activity
    Criminals may engineer accidents to make you vulnerable to carjacking.
  • Check for Injuries
    Make a first aid check of all persons involved in the crash.
  • Contact Authorities
    Call the police and, if necessary, fire and emergency medical services.
  • Document the Crash
    Gather the names of all persons in the motor vehicles and people who witnessed the crash. Ask to see the other driver’s license and write down the number. Exchange insurance company information. Do not discuss “fault” or make statements about the crash to anyone but the police. Make a quick diagram of where the vehicle occupants were seated and indicate the vehicles’ direction of travel and lane. Also note the date, time and weather conditions. Get a copy of the police report of the crash from the local precinct.
  • Remain Calm
    Remember to remain calm, control your emotions, and avoid confrontation with any other persons involved.

Being involved in a car crash can be traumatic and upsetting. You can minimize your odds of being in an accident by training to be a defensive driver. But if a crash does occur, the steps outlined above can help you prepare for the aftermath.