Standing on the School Bus

Kids, please take a seat.
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Standing On The School Bus

While school buses are among the safest forms of transportation for the millions of children heading to school each day, standing while the bus is in motion can be dangerous.

The Rules

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Highway Safety Program Standard Guideline 17 specifically states that every student must be seated before the bus is in motion. Under Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 222, school bus passenger safety is accomplished either through “compartmentalization” or lap belts, depending on the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of the bus. Some states and school districts have policies that allow students to stand on school buses. Standees are not afforded any protection in crashes or sudden driving maneuvers.

Safety First

Since the safety of pupils in school buses is of great concern to the public, and to parents in particular, the National Safety Council recommends that a seat be provided for each child who rides on a school bus and that each child be seated before the bus is put in motion.