What to Do If Your Car Breaks
Down on the Highway

A car breakdown can be scary and dangerous. Learn how to stay safe with these 6 tips.
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What To Do If Your Car Breaks Down

Be prepared for the unexpected vehicle breakdown. Here are 6 suggestions to keep yourself safe when having car trouble:

  1. Turn on your emergency flashers.
  2. Gently slow down and work your vehicle toward the breakdown lane or side of the road. If you are on an interstate, try to reach an exit. Don’t forget to signal when changing lanes.
  3. Once off the road, make your car visible. Raise your hood. Set up flares or triangles behind your vehicle to alert other drivers. Don’t stand behind or next to your vehicle. If your vehicle is on fire, get everyone out and away from the vehicle.
  4. Have a flat tire? Only change it if it can be done safely without being close to traffic. Personal safety first!
  5. Get professional help. Call a tow truck or roadside assistance. If you are not sure who to contact or it is an emergency situation, call 911. If someone stops and offers to help, open the window slightly and ask them to call the police. Watch for a uniformed police officer or other emergency personnel. All interstate highways and major roads are patrolled regularly.
  6. Don’t walk on an interstate, especially during inclement weather. However, if you can reach a source of help on foot, without jeopardizing your physical or personal safety, try the direct approach by walking. Keep as far from traffic as possible and walk on the right side of the roadway. Never attempt to cross a multi-lane, high speed roadway.

Proper maintenance can minimize the risk of a vehicle breaking down. Vehicle owners should make sure their vehicle has the necessary equipment and supplies for emergencies, especially during the winter months.