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Choose your approved FL DHSMV Approved Basic Driver Improvement Course

4-Hour BDI:

Point Reduction

Take this course if you have received a citation and have elected traffic school to avoid points and insurance penalties requiring you to attend a TCAC/BDI course.

4-Hour BDI:

Driver Improvement (BDI)

Take this course if you have received a citation and have been ordered by the court to take the 4-hour BDI (traffic school) class.

4-Hour BDI:


Take this course if you have not received a ticket but your insurance agent has confirmed you are eligible to receive a discount on your policy by taking this 4-hour course.

4-Hour BDI:

TCAC - Traffic Collision Avoidance Course (TCAC)

Take this course if you have received a letter from the DHSMV requiring you to take a TCAC or BDI course, or if you were involved in a certain type of crash.

Please click below to take the NSC Defensive Driving Course for any other reason including Pilot/Escort purposes.

Note: Florida Pilot/Escort Drivers must take the DDC 10th edition, NOT the Florida State course. When the course is completed, be sure to request the mailed certificate. The weigh stations will pull you over if you do not have the proper certificate.

Basic Driver Improvement Course Outline

  • Recognize that driver safety affects everyone
  • Identify your personal driving behaviors and tendencies
  • Recognize that every behavior is a choice
  • Define risky driving behaviors
  • Identify the Six Deadly Choices that lead to the majority of crashes
  • Identify what's in your control
  • Explain how to drive defensively in conditions beyond your control

  • Define defensive driving, collision prevention and NSC’s collision prevention formula
  • Identify defensive driving techniques that can be used when physical, mental and emotional factors affect your ability to drive
  • Recognize potential hazards when driving and use the‘What-if’ strategy to avoid hazards
  • Identify the risks associated with driving without seat belts or proper restraints
  • Identify how to effectively use vehicle safety systems

  • Recognize the risks of speeding
  • Recognize the risks of following too closely
  • Employ the 3-second and 3-second+ following distance rules
  • Define aggressive driving and road rage
  • Identify driving distractions
  • Recognize risks of distracted driving

  • Identify risks of substance impairment
  • Identify risks of drowsy driving
  • Choose safe, responsible, and respectful behaviors to avoid impaired or drowsy driving
  • Choose appropriate driving behaviors for different driving situations
  • Explain the proper procedure for navigating multi-lane roads

  • Identify risks associated with improper turns
  • Explain the proper procedures for passing and overtaking another vehicle
  • Identify risks associated with driving left-of-center
  • Describe right-of-way violations and safe intersection strategies
  • Identify roadway maintenance and construction hazards
  • Use techniques for trains and railway grade crossings

  • Identify other vehicles you will encounter on the road and techniques for dealing with them
  • Recognize the challenges drivers of larger vehicles face
  • Explain proper techniques for dealing with pedestrians pedal cyclists, and animals

  • Describe the three stages of a collision
  • Identify the steps to conduct pre-trip inspections
  • Explain the importance of proper vehicle maintenance
  • Describe steps for addressing different types of immediate danger you may encounter
  • Determine if a collision was preventable in different driving situations

  • 10 Habits of Defensive Driving
  • The Six Deadly Choices
  • The importance of choosing the right behaviors
  • Your driving plan

Certificate Process

Upon successful completion of the course a Certificate of Completion from the National Safety Council will be available to print immediately.

Please sign and submit to the clerk of the court or other authority per your individual directions.

Completion information will be submitted automatically to the Florida FLHSMV immediately upon your successful completion. Please allow approximately 48 hours for your completion to be annotated on your driver record by FLHSMV. For point reduction/court ordered, please also provide copy to county clerk where citation was issued.

BDI—TCAC, Traffic Collision Avoidance Course: Electronically reported to FLHSMV
BDI—Elected, Point Reduction: User must submit to Court
BDI—Court Ordered: User must submit to Court
BDI—Insurance Discount: Provide copy to Insurance Provider.